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What is a neck Massage Pillow for relax? Dec 10, 2021

The basic neck massage pillow typically is similar to machines used in chiropractor

offices to relieve neck pain. It usually combines motion and massage to effectively treat sore neck muscles.

These types of massaging neck pillows can be used lying down or in a seated position, and they also provide some type of top shoulder massage as well.

Introduce several comfortable massage pillows to you.

No.1: Mini massage pillow

Feasures:portable size, shiatsu & kneading your neck,shoulder,back or full body,

 feel comfortable,rechargeable optional.low cost.

portable massage pillow relax

No.2: Multi-functions high grade massage pillow

Feasures:it is a high grade massage pillow ,made by PU and strong jade massage set, 

with magnet stones to do therapy,shiatsu & kneading & infrared heating functions, 

relief your neck and back pain, can use in car,home or office.

best massage pillow for neck pain

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